10384449_929332897095969_4388518109822642578_n“Here’s our sweet pigeon we rescued at my husband’s school. The nest was built on construction materials, then moved. The sibling was crushed by machinery, but this sweet girl lived and we rescued, fed, and learned a lot about pigeons! Here’s our pic! We love her frilly pants!! Thank you for making such a cute, functional, and necessary item!”

 – The Foery Family from Casper, WY



“I really like these pigeon pants. Well made, and very easy to put on. I like yours so much better than the flight suits . No stress on my bird putting them on… or me for that matter…..These pants are great !!!!”

– Ruth from Pennsylvania







–  Craig Newmark, the founder of Craiglist.


“I’m pleased to say that the sizing seems perfect. I was able to put the pants on him easily, and after a bit of a fluff and trying to preen them, he didn’t make any fuss and was happy flying and walking around the house as normal, but with less mess! Thanks again, and I’m sure I will contact you again soon to get another pair made! 🙂

– Talia from Australia






unnamed (3)

“About 3 min to get the fit just right and another 5 of fidgeting then he forgot all about them! Finally I can take all the covers off the furniture! Thank you so much for these. They’re very well made, fit perfectly, and are worth every penny! Our pigeon pants are the most useful thing I’ve bought in the past 6 months!”

– Nina from Washington 



“Chimichanga refused to take his pants off at the beach!”

– Agla from Los Angeles, CA






“We love love love Oreo’s pants & leash! This is the first freedom she has had, outside of our home, in 3 years.Thank you so very much!!! This is her enjoying a walk in the school field.”

– Robyn, Autumn, Alex, & Oreo from Canada







“Thanks again for the good work, the pants are amazing and save me plenty of time. Carefully  designed and build, hard to find these days!”

– Glad, from Canada








“I received pigeon pants yesterday.Thank you so much. Very good quality. You do wonderful job. Thank you. Love it.”

– Keiko, from Minnesota





“The pants are amazing! They have totally opened up Angel’s world. She sits on my shoulder like a piratical parrot. Thank you again, with very best wishes!”

–  Vivienen from UK










“Roberta did a fantastic job in her fancy pij pants as an Ambassador tonight!”

– MickaCoo Pigeon & Dove Rescue






“Thank you! I got the pants and they are wonderful.”

– Simona from Denmark







1495529_10152097726330449_2141352838_n“Kiwi loves his new duds !Thanks so much!”

– Julia from California









unnamed“The Pigeon Pants are great, fit perfect, are easy to put on, and make life with a Pigeon in it so much easier! Thanks again for making such a useful and artful product!”

– Mariah






unnamed (1)“We got it today! It’s so cute 🙂 And it fits Stella perfectly! Tonight is only the second time that Stella has ever worn a diaper and she’s a little flustered right now, haha. The pattern is perfect on her though, so cute! Thank you so much!”

– Leda from Sacramento, CA







FB_IMG_13979507887146924“Thanks for the pigeon pants – I received them a few days ago! I think he looks handsome. Brownie is a one legged pigeon I rescued from a wildlife center. He tore his knee tendon somehow and ended up getting a leg amputation. Because of this he isn’t able to get out much, so I was hoping the pants would give him more freedom to  walk around the house!”

                                                                                                         – Michelle from San Francisco, CA



“Hi, my name is Kiwi and I have a brand new pair of pants! Thank you Bird Boutique!”

– Julia from California




unnamed (2)“Thank you very much for your help! Nibby is getting used to her pants now, they are adorable and very well made, Thank you. Here is Nibby in her new pants.”

– Jodi from Australia






unnamed (5)“The pants look great and fit really well.
Thanks again! Couldn’t be happier!”

– Rachel, from New York









“I Bought Online Finally Pico Is Very Happy To Wear Pant, Thank You!! / U Are The Best Thumb Up. I’m Happy I Always Love My Pico!”

– Cameron, from Massachusetts 





“Here are some pictures and a video of Mary, my one-eyed unreleasable feral, in her new pants. These were from her first time wearing them!
We have tried a few other kinds of bird pants but this is the best pair by far and gives her full shoulder room. She is unusually small for a feral but they fit and the design was easy enough I could put these on her by myself without making my husband hold her. 5 stars!
Thanks to you, this is how I do laundry and the dishes now haha.
She loves getting to sit on me and not just the towels she used to have to. Here she was figuring out how to fly!”

–  Samantha, from Missouri